Save Blood Car.

Blood Car
2007 | Color | 1 Hr 16 Min | Horror, Dark Comedy | R | FWW Films

Director: Alex Orr

Hugh Braselton (story)
Alex Orr (screenplay)

Mike Brune
Anna Chlumsky
Katie Orr

In the near future, gas is an astronomical $40.00 a gallon, and Archie Andrews (Mike Brune) has definitely had enough. Archie, a nerdy schoolteacher, and vegan with a thing for wheatgrass is determined to find an alternative energy source for his car. While experimenting, Archie cuts himself and discovers that all his car needs is blood. Human blood.

"Blood Car may have been collecting prizes and earning praise for its supposedly wickedly twisted satire but it still seems trashy, B-movie junk." Allan Hunter Daily Express (UK) He is right except for that last part! I love this movie so read on...

Director Alex Orr carefully and painstakingly paints a wonderful picture of a bleak time in life. Carefully framing every shot with great detail you are drawn into this world where nobody can afford to drive. You truly get the sense of what life would be like without the automobile and how it affects people. The cast is almost perfect as well and unfortunately loses points with the "Men in Black" guys kind of killing the mood. And Anna Chlumsky is so dang cute in this movie I gushed every time she was on the screen. Her heart warming smile and her nerdy looks made me forget all about that sad movie she did in her younger days. 

When Archie attracts the attention of sex-crazed Denise (Orr's wife) he fulfills Denise's need for transportation, she satisfies his ever-expanding libido. Meanwhile, the sweet Wheatgrass Girl (Anna Chlumsky), who loves Archie for who he truly is, watches helplessly as Archie is devoured by lust. In order for Archie to continue to attract Denise with his car, he must continue to find a never-ending supply of blood. And unbeknownst to Archie, he is observed by government agents anxious to learn the secret of how his special engine works agents who will make Archie face the ultimate decision.

Blood Car is not for those with a weak stomach, with some animal cruelty and the shooting of kids, but if you are into wicked horror with some serious dark comedy, you will love this! (God what does that last sentence say about me?) After almost 10 years gas prices are down to $2.00 in this small Illinois town but if you remember when gas was 5 bucks you will understand the tone of this movie.

This movie deserves your attention Anna Chlumsky deserves your attention! This is a must find and watch it kind of movie. I would have given it a perfect 5 but the whole government thing drove me crazy at times. 

Blood Car easily gets...
4 Bloody Brains


  1. Archie Andrews? I wonder if they picked that name on purpose or just random coincidence...


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