From Softball to Football

Can you believe Halloween season is less than a week away?! We had a super busy weekend that started Friday when Ella's school went to the state finals for girls softball! They packed in those hot buses for that hour long ride. Me I took the car so I could sit in the AC. I did enough of those bus trips in the heat, lol.

Sadly they lost 8-5 but they put up a fight the whole game and never gave up. Now we did cheat as the temp was well into the 80's and heat really effects Ella's diabetes so she was allowed to come home with me. No surprise she fell asleep pretty fast. I did make a small video over at my YouTube Channel be sure to check it out.  Next up...Football

We made it home in time to eat and change for Lainey to perform at Halftime during the annual Little Kickers shows. This is when they join the High School cheer squad on the field this year they danced to Shake Your Tailfeathers.  Of course like a proud father the video is right here for you

P.S. Lainey is on the 28-yard line with blue shoes.

Unfortanly we are sitting here sick at home binge watching well everything... Oh well, my wife does not know it yet but when she gets home she is in charge I'm off to the Man Cave to watch football!


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