Gracie With Glasses

Gracie Meets a Ghost
by Keiko Sena

Children's Fiction
Hardcover $16.99
Publish Date October 1st, 2016

Gracie wears glasses because she can’t see very well without them. One night she realizes that she left her glasses on the mountain where she was playing, so she goes straight out to find them. But without her glasses, everything looks fuzzy. When she sees a big white object, she can’t tell what it is. Could it be a balloon? A sheet? It’s actually a ghost who is determined to frighten her—but the only way he can do that is to make sure she can see him! Gracie thinks it’s a very kind, helpful person who helps her look for her glasses . . . but what will happen when he finds them?

Keiko Sena childhood series about Gracie finally comes to America. Sena is a book designer and the creator of many picture books and kamishibai (picture-panel stories). Her books have been read by generations in Japan and are considered classics. They have been translated into many different languages, including Chinese, French, and English. First, in the series Gracie loses her glasses and sets out to find them. A ghost lingers in the woods looking to scare someone when they stumble upon each other. Of course, the ghost can not scare Gracie as she can not see it. 

Such a heartwarming story for any child struggling with needing glasses. The artwork is bright and fun with image's popping off the page. Watch for Gracie Meets a Ghost this October.


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