Quick Update

 My apologies gang it has been a rough month, hell it's been a terrible year. As always I was looking forward to Counting Down to Halloween with everyone but sadly fell really short. I will and I promise I will post pictures after Halloween of the kids and the video right away so please stop back for them. Today is our last Trunk or Treat as my youngest heads off to High School, look as if it will be indoors this year so that is a bummer. 

Life for the girls is getting back to normal as you can see my oldest went to her second Homecoming this year. It feels sad that she missed her sophomore year but we made it this year. The event was held outdoors so the kids could go without a mask.

I ❤ #52

Also keeping us busy is Lainey's basketball season the team is now 16-0 and looking for a run at State! On average, they are beating teams by 20 points or more. It's been pretty exciting. 

And of course what knocked me back and out of commission COVID! Yep, this guy the one who has the vaccination religiously wears a mask cleans his workstation, and wash's his hands some how some way brought it home with me. It was such a shock I woke up one morning not feeling well, knowing I was driving to Chicago with my daughter for Rent that night we did not take any chances so my wife had me take an at-home test. I was blown away how did this happen! So I was locked in the man cave for almost 2 weeks it was miserable. Sure I watched a ton of movies but life was not the same. 

My case was mild if anything it felt like a head cold that would not go away. Then the cough set in and I still have it today as I close into the one-month mark. I still can not smell but never lost my taste. 

So please be safe everyone have a wonderful Halloween! I can not wait to check in with your blogs soon and get caught up. 

Oh one more thing I was having so much trouble wanting to do anything after my dad passed, my buddy talked me into a challenge for Halloween that started in August. The goal was to watch 100 new to me Horror Movies by October 31. I'm proud of myself as I meet that goal and had fun doing it. In fact, I'm currently sitting at 119 movies with a few days left to go. I want to do a recap post here soon until then check out my list 🎃 https://boxd.it/cXPcE

I hope you are all having a wonderful spooky month I will be checking in soon!


  1. Sorry for the year being a bad one. But glad you are healthy now. And kudos on the challenge. It has been fun watching new things. Not all great, but some surprises. Be well Bob and Happy Halloween!

  2. Well I guess covid was good for something like meeting that horror movie goal! Thanks for putting yourself on the line everyday so that we can get merch. I think people who work in the public sector just get exposed. Someone came into your place of work without enough regard for your health to wear a mask and not spread it to you. So I am glad it was mild and am I right in assuming the girls did not get it?