Out with Old In With The New

 Wow, 2020 a year that we will never talk about again not even to grandkids dam it! So many strange things took place here let alone the pandemic. From Derecho to pipes bursting, our A/C going out, water heater shitting the bed, all musicals canceled for my kids, and now my dad is heading to a nursing home. It has been the most costly year for us ever and here we are happy, safe, and together!

Other than my beloved White Sox making a run for the post-season movies became a great escape for me once again. For the past few years, I was lucky to sit and watch 25-50 movies a year, in many ways, it bugged me but raising two little girls became the top priority. 

Then COVID struck and we found ourselves at home more way more!! And during the first lockdown, I dove into the Police Acadamy Franchise just for fun. Well, that fun really lead to my movie enjoyment once again and I never looked back all year. It was a nice diversion from the god awful news on the tv. Watching classic with the kids like Karate Kid, Top Gun, and St. Elmo's Fire became the new family movie night, that is after all of the Disney+ movies that we consumed. 

I set myself a goal as I do every year this year I wanted to push 75 movies as I made my goal the year before of 50. Little did I know I would watch a whopping total of 214 films!! And we still have one day left to try and squeeze a few more in. Sure about 19 of them are Disney Shorts running around the 9-minute mark but there are still 200 movies watched this year. Good Gravey Man what will I do for an encore?

Not going to kid my self it was a fluke year so my goal is going to stay simple as we hope some life gets back to normal by summer, I really miss seeing my kids on stage! For 2021 I will shot for 100 movies, it will be fun to top that but 100 that's a good number for me. This might even change the way I blog a bit, I know I have stopped writing reviews so I might start writing just quick thoughts on what I just watched. Blogging has been a struggle the past few years with Halloween and Creepmas the only true things I stick with.

So let us look back on the Top 10 Movies I watched in 2020.

Benchwarmers 2 was a surprise for me I really did not like the first one at all where this one had me laughing. Don't F#&k in the Woods is still the most talked-about movie in my circle! It's so silly yet fun as all get out. Might not be for everyone but I will be watching it again come Halloween season soon. 

Well looks like Disney+ shows up strong 11th through 15, Scare Package was a nice treat. Soul was good but not good enough to crack the top 10 and boy do I feel dumb waiting so long on Zootopia.

I only watched 60 Horror Movies this year with 5 of them hitting my top ten. Full Moon's Weedjies! Halloweed Night was a blast with Mr. Boogedy becoming a Halloween staple year after year. Never Hike Alone is still free on YouTube and being a fan-made film it has the feel of a big-screen movie. The Trial Of The Chicago 7 will gain more buzz around the Award season I'm sure. Very well acted, a powerful story, and a movie we all should take some time to sit through. 

So let's remember this is my list and my opinion right? So yeah on like most Hubie Halloween was one of my favorite movies this year. Sandler might not be great but everything around him sure was. "Host" is the movie that sums up 2020, Lion King was a wonderful family treat, and Eddie Murphy was robbed at the Oscars! But the one movie that still gets played in this house (over 20 times) is Hamilton. Even this tough guy loved it, loved every moment of it. Definitely one of the best movie nights that we all shared.

Not all things were bad this past year and if anything it helped bring families together, reconnected with friends, and we washed our hands a lot!

So stay safe as we start off the New Year, wear your mask, read a book, and watch movies!

Cheers to a Blessed 2021!


  1. I hear you! Most of 2020 is worth forgetting.

    Our local theater company in was able to put on one play, "California Suite," February 2020, and they'd already cast the next show, "Beauty and the Beast Jr." before they were forced to cancel that one and all the others they'd planned for this year. And the high school was going to put on "Grease" in March, which I had wanted to see. I hope to see more of this again and that your kids get back on stage soon.

    Most movies I watched were from Netflix. I didn't get around to seeing any of the new releases that were in the theater before COVID forced theaters to close.

    1. The girls were about to run The Wizard of Oz letterly one day before opening night is when school closed the heartbreak was so real. My oldest had two shows coming up and my youngest one in the summer. Totally sucked. I do not see many new or first run movies as well and that's ok I just watch what I can.

  2. The only one of these that I've seen is "Zootopia" but man, it's a great one! I went to it twice in the theatres, back in the good old days when that was safe to do.

    Happy New Year!

    1. It was sooooo good!! I feel bad I did not see it in the theatres.

  3. Oddly, being home bound for most of the year didn't change my viewing habits. I usually get my movies in early weekend mornings or during lunch breaks. I know if I've even hit 100 in a year, much less 200! But I also do most of my watching solo, the Mrs is not a horror fan :D

    1. Yeah I'm a solo watcher as well I do sneak a few things in during lunch breaks as well!!

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