These are not the faces of America! They will not break us down! In a few more days they can crawl back to their caves and hide for another 100 years. 


  1. A sad and shocking (but perhaps not unforeseeable) day.

  2. I doubt they will quietly crawl away again but here’s hoping!

  3. What about these guys? They look stuck. They don't have to be this way. They are pretty angry.

  4. Also, I'm getting tired of this mob of angry basement boy losers telling us what to think. I don't like that gun cult that they carry. They are a bunch of wankers.
    Where are their grannies? Where are their children? Where are their wives sisters aunties?
    Yeah, they can go hang out with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. That's what they like.


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