Blood is thicker than whiskey.

The Ranch
2017 | Color | 30 Min | Comedy | TV-MA | Netflix

Jim Patterson
Don Reo

Ashton Kutcher
Danny Masterson
Debra Winger
Sam Elliott

The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business.

Did Kutcher just jump the Shark? Part 3 of what has to be one of my most favorite things on TV just got deep! And I'm not sure where I stand on this.

We pick up after Heather drops the bombshell of being pregnant we quickly get a visit from Abby's parents and it is the last thing Colt needs -- and they all end up at church together on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure what it is this time around is it the pregnant and the tension it brings with Addy? Or is it Rooster not being around as much leaving the over the top sex jokes far and few. There just was not a lot of laugh out loud moments this time around. In fact, some of it felt pushed on you by the laugh track. What is going on here everything I have loved so far has been taking away from me. Even Sam Elliot looks bored at times. I'm not saying the chemistry is gone but after 10 episodes I no longer felt fulfilled. I was no longer waiting for more and more like depressed.

This season we are subjected to pro-life, run away moms, and deportation and that is ok because I really liked the heart and soul of part 3's story line with Colt getting a second job to support the baby and how the family stays together so as a drama the show was great. Unfortanly that is not what I came for I came to laugh my self-silly and feel great walking away from a five-hour investment. 

I'm still a fan just not sure if I will continue to tell all my buddies this is the show to watch this time around. I'm invested into the well being of the Benett family just not sure I like the direction we are headed. I guess time will tell or in 6 to 8 months when part 4 happens. In the mean time, I can only give this season a cold...

2 Smokin Hot Chicks out of 5


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