10 Years

10 Years of Finger Sticks
10 Years of Needles
10 Years of Insulin
10 Years of Doctor Visits
10 Years of Struggle
10 Years of Tears
10 Years of Sleepless Nights
10 Years of Bravery
10 Years of Asking God why?
10 Years of wondering what I did wrong to hurt my baby
10 Years of Low Blood Sugars
10 Years of "HI"

10 Years of Mood Swings
10 Years of Parents saying to us "Should she really eat that piece of Birthday cake"
10 Years of fighting with the Insurence Companies
10 Years of Over Protecting my Baby
10 Years of watching Ella get stronger every day!
10 Years of PTSD
10 Years of Anxiety in all of us
10 Years and you have grown from my baby to my little girl and now a teen!

Here is to...

A Lifetime of Smiles
A Lifetime of Laughter
A Lifetime of Sleepless nights
A Lifetime of Musicals
A Lifetime of up's and down's
A Lifetime that you have taken control of
A Lifetime of me not wanting to let you grow up 

Ten years ago our lives change forever, I still cry, I still get mad at God, I still pray for a cure. But I have watched you always strong always brave always kicking this disease out of the way not once letting it slow you down!

You will always be my baby no matter how much you grow up!

Love You, Ella,



  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your daughter!

  2. Wonderful tribute. Wishing you both the best.

  3. This is awesome man. I didn't realize you had a daughter going through something like this. I'm glad your daughter (and you) are doing well. Prayers and peace to both of you!

    My little one is five and the thing I've realized is that nothing simultaneously makes me feel as vulnerable and as powerful as having a kid. I feel vulnerable because I know I can't always be around, even with a little one. Sometimes I'm at work and she's at school (this year my little one started kindergarten and that was a big change as well as something that changed my opinions on a number of things). Of course, having a kid sometimes makes me feel insanely courageous and powerful. One day my little one asked me what would happen if a monster showed up to grab her. I told her that I'm 100% confident I'd be filled with the power of Batman, Rocky, and Jesus Christ and nothing would be able to stand in my way. Like Dak, there's something about your kid that makes you feel like you could take on the whole Empire yourself if need be.

    Keep on keeping on, man!

    1. Dude that is so touching thank you! It's an awesome feeling being a dad!

  4. This is beautiful! ((hugs)) to you both!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ella! Keep on being awesome and work towards your dreams and goals!


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