Bramble House Christmas

*A Bramble House Christmas*
2017 | 1 Hr 27 Min | PG | Christmas | Hallmark

Director: Steven R. Monroe

Writer: Jamie Pachino

Autumn Reeser
David Haydn-Jones
Liam Hughes

Finn Conrad becomes suspicious when he learns that his father changed his will last minute and left his nurse, Willa, $100,000- his entire estate. Knowing his father also left her a 2-week vacation at a B&B in Oregon- he goes undercover to investigate. Life for Willa and her son Scout has been complicated for years. A vacation to Bramble house feels like a dream for them both. Willa knows that her luck is changing fast and yet she still feels stuck. Can she learn to put herself out there? Discover her dreams? Or will a lie put everyone's happiness at risk?

Holy smokes how is it the director of House of 9, Sasquatch Mountain, and I Spit on Your Grave 1 & 2 bring us one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies that I have ever seen to the small screen? In fact, the past few movies from Steven R Monroe have been Hallmark/Lifetime chick flicks and I'm ok with it. With over 40 movie credits to his name A Bramble House Christmas is a beautiful love letter to lost love. And writer Jamie Pachino has written a pretty little story that in true  Hallmark tradition is predictable but tear worthy. 

With a sugary sweet storyline and traditional Hallmark predictably, the story is moved along by a warm cast that matches its equally beautiful backdrop. Even if the trees are clearly painted with fake snow.  You really get nothing new here when it comes to Hallmark so movies like this relie on its cast and crew more so than ever.

It is no secret right off the bat that Bramble House Christmas is lead by an adorable little guy Liam Hughes. The kid is so cute it's like watching maple syrup slowly dripping off of a big stack of hotcakes! He clearly steals the show and due to that alone, I can not wait to see him in Netflix Orginal "Sabrina". Even rough and the tuff guy played by David Hayden-Jones is rock solid allowing you to really see his grinch heart grow three times big during the movie.

But the real heart of the movie comes from its adorable star Autumn Reeser, who was so sweet on screen she even melted my heart. She is perfect in many ways a far cry from her early role on the O.C. She is so sicking cute that I just wanted to cuddle up with her and watch other Hallmark movies. I have even scoured the TV Guide looking for the next airing of Season For Love on the Hallmark Channel that premiered earlier this summer and staring Autumn.

So, in the end, this Hallmark closet Christmas movie junky was moved by Bramble House Christmas. It's the warm fuzzies that you want to see during the holidays with a story that is predictable but the charming cast moves you along draws you into its story and never let's go. I watched this over a week ago and it has still stuck with me all this time (I never write about Hallmark Movies). I can not suggest it enough this is one of those you need to cuddle up to.

4 Ninja Santas out of 5


  1. Awesome! I love Hallmark Christmastime flicks, as well. Going to search my cable guide to drop this into my DVR. Thanks! 🎄


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