Madeline's Halloween and Other Spooky Tales

Madeline's Halloween
2000 | TV-Y7 | 23 Minutes | Family | DIC

Director: Judith Reilly (as Judy Reilly)

Writer: Betty G. Birney

Star: Caroline Chan

When Madeline and the girls go to New York to meet their culturally diverse penpals and celebrate Halloween, Madeline finds some mysterious spider earrings in her trick or treat bag which she traces to Miss Clavel's missing cousin Fifi, a famous radio star.

Five Chilling Adventures, Including:
Madeline s Halloween
Madeline And The Mean, Nasty, Horrible Hats
Madeline And The Mummy
Madeline And The Haunted Castle

Lainey (Short for Madeleine) and I sat down to check out the Classic Madeline And The Spider Lady Inspired by the beloved classic books that introduced us to a delightful 8-year-old girl who lives at a French boarding school run by nun Miss Clavel, who live in an old house in Paris covered with vines, well you get the idea.  Madeline’s Halloween & Other Spooky Tales is full of spirited seasonal fun and thanks to Shout! the main tile looks pretty good it's the other episodes that take you out of it.  

The later shorts, however, look like bad VHS dupes, with muddy, faded colors and a soft, soft image. Unfortanly with today's High definition kids are use to crystal clear picture. As Lainey's desire to keep watching slowing faded out I grew rather bored as well. The DVD is still worth it again for its main title Madeline's Halloween just do not expect much after that. 

Still, fun to watch with the girls so my final rating...

3 out of 5 Stars