He's Back... For Seconds

Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil 
2002 | Color | 77 Min. | 1.78.1 | R | Fantasy | Dolby Digital | Full Moon Horror

Director: Tammi Sutton

Douglas Snauffer
Tammi Sutton

Charles Austin
Wayland Geremy Boyd
Bobby Marsden
Debbie Rochon
Trent Haaga

En route to a run-down shelter, they are set to renovate as community service, a group of juvenile delinquents and the two chaperones accompanying them run into a minor setback when their bus breaks down. When trying to find a phone, one of the teens is shot, and the group finds shelter with a voodoo priestess. While trying to use voodoo to save their friend, two of the teens accidentally unleash the evil spirit known as Killjoy.

The Beautiful Debbie Rochon
Well, here we go again more evil clowns to haunt my dreams this week. And this time around this clown is damn scary! Still set in an urban setting a group of troubled misfits are on their way to fix up a shelter. Of course, the movie's setup comes in the form of the hood open on the van with gibber jabber about how the motor sucks. **Gasp** do you think it might break down in the middle of nowhere?

Well of course. So the boys will split from the girls looking for help. yeah... and they find a... I bet you can guess... a Cabin in the wood duh silly reader! Now this does lead to a few good moments for the movie. First we run into the director Tammi Sutton making a cameo. At first I wondered who the hottie was so I had to investigate. Her character was one Brite spot of the movie. All though her death scene was a little weak I can live with it. 
Don't screw with Sutton
Now they randomly kill this lady who yeah shot their buddy but what the hell dude?? And you knocked on her door to use the phone but you never use it. Yeah you suck!

So they bring the injured back to the van and head out to find yet another house. This one has the voodoo witch. Who is very cool by the way and played her part well! So let's talk about the cast for a sec shall we?

The young cast for the most part did a bang up job. I liked the cast in the first one but feel these guys got along and had more fun on the set. I'm going to say Debbie Rochon how is one of the hardest working women in horror **Gulp** drove me crazy in the movie. I just wanted her to stop talking at times. Maybe it was just me but not her best acting.

Send in the Clowns
Now Trent Haaga, there is a big debate in the Full Moon Fandom circles that he was not as good as Angel Vargas. In my option, they both did a great job with Haaga taking a more witty approach. He game Killjoy the zing I was looking for in the first one. Also fans of the franchise hate this movie and will proudly tell you to skip it. Sure the story is nothing fresh and the kills are far and few but its still fun. And at 77 minutes what do you have to lose before watching the 3rd installment? 

Now the DVD I watched was a little grainy if you could not tell from the screen caps. And hard to watch at times. The sound was flat with not separation. Truth be told it is the Echo Bridge DVD so I can not wait to revisit this movie once it hits Blu-Ray from Full Moon.

I do give Killjoys new threads high marks you can not go wrong adding a pink feather boa. And his movement is very much in the spirit of a clown. And this Killjoy gives us one of the better death scenes I have seen I quite a bit. **Spoiler** When he pulls out his teeth and slides them under the door to the girl trapped in the outhouse to me was pure genius!! And unlike the lame death to Killjoy in the first one the second helping offers us a much more satisfying ending.

In the end, I did not hate this movie, no, it's not good either but was an easy watch. Lack of a circus clown type score and Rochon over acting aside I still give it a solid...

3 Bloody Brains


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