S is for Sven...Goolie that is.

It should not come as a surprise for those of you that lurk around my blog that Sven would show up in this countdown. My fascination with Horror Host's will go all the way back to Yellow Screaming Theatre hosted by Gerry G Bishop. And then followed by current host Rich Koz.

In this day and age, I wish everybody still had a Horror Host to call they're own. Even when Sven was not on TV we still had Up all night and Billy Bob but nothing is better than Chicago's very own Ghoul.

If Horror Host's ever went away it will be a sad, sad day. This year is something special on the show as they plan on not showing any reruns. And they still have a ton of Universal Horror to show. My girls new his name when they were baby's and know it is on TV just by hearing the theme song. Sadly tho today Rich tweeted that his dad has passed so I send out my thoughts and prayers to his family. I invite you all to check out his website for more details. www.svengoolie.com  and always stop by on Saturdays as I gladly post what is on that night.

Make sure you check out the other bloggers during April's A to Z Challenge. 


  1. We thought that you were much more "associated" with this great Horror Host....
    and really liked the pic of his New Set... especially his "Casket"...


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