Q*Bert I miss you!

I try to explain to my kids that at one-time cartoons were only on in the early morning during the week and for a few hours after school. And the only day you really had to look forward to was Saturday morning's. Not this 24-hour junk that is on today.

And back in the video boom days we had a solid block devoted to our favorite charters. In fact, nothing was better than the Pac-Man hour. And at the same time I was playing a ton of Q*Bert. I loved watching his show and was always a fan, more so than Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, or even Pole Position. Q was the man... or alien or whatever he was! Someday I would love for these shows to come out on DVD. In the meantime, we have youtube!

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  1. Oh Q*Bert, you foul-mouthed video icon, you.

  2. I don't recall seeing Q*Bert on the cartoons but we tended to get more of the British ones than the American ones as a kid. I vividly remember the cartoons only being on in the mornings and for about 30 minutes in the afternoon. The kids these days don't know how spoiled for choice they are. Loving the series as it is bringing back some good childhood memories.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies


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