A is for Aquaman

All right...
All right already I get it nobody likes Aquaman. But I did as a young boy and I still do today! Sure he is one of the lamest characters in the D.C. Universe but here is a why he means so much to me.

Every morning I would get up early like 5:30am early. I never wanted to wake my family so I would watch the kids show hosted by Ray Rayner out of Chicago. Aquaman was the only superhero that was aired during this 2 hour block. I would look forward to the fast seven minutes every day!

He was different I was different and it spoke to me. I loved that he could talk to fish had a sidekick, a girlfriend and, of course, a cool villain. I was hooked in a bad way.

But it quickly gets better. One Saturday morning there he was hanging out with some of the greatest super hero's of them all! Superman, Batman, and Wonderwomen hanging out in the League of Justice. My mind was blown!

Thanks to guys like Jeff Johns and Shelden from the Big Bang everybody knows Aquaman today! For the first time in years, I could buy a T-Shirt and merchandise with his face all over it.
If you were ever curious about the guy know is a good time to check him out. The New 52 brought to light the best story arc so far.

So there, you have it,  Aquaman was my first and still favorite super hero!

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  1. This definitely made me smile, my ex-boyfriend was very much a fan of Aquaman as he felt a connection to him as well as a child. I look forward to your month challenge :)


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