I is for Impossible Mission

Now I'm really going off the deep end on this one. But yep a video game is going to make the countdown. I don't play many games and I would say I'm a casual gamer. When all the neighborhood kids had cloeco vision's and atari's we had a vic 20 and a commodore 64.

The one game that got me through a long cold Illinois winter was Impossible Mission. The game had speech for crying out loud! Insane robots and death rays. The action never stopped and you could play this game over and over.

I really spent a lot of time playing this game. Destroy him my robots!

Find your way to the A to Z Challange for a great time as well.


  1. I love old school games like this. Yes they are blocky and simple compared to today's releases but they bring back so much nostalgia.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. I grew up in Michigan so I remember those long cold winters. You need something to get you through them.


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