This is one sexy horrific ride!

2004 | Color | 87 Min. | 1.33.1 | R | Horror | Stereo | Turning Point Productions

Source: DVD

Director: John Lechago

Writer: John Lechago

Vinnie Bilancio
Melissa Pursley
Ri Walton
Julie Strain

A crime-scene photographer stumbles onto a horrific discovery when he gets too close to a series of murders linked to a secret S & M ring specializing in blood games. Before he knows it, Daniel (Vincent Bilancio) starts to have strange hallucinations of hideous puppet-creatures appearing before his camera lens. When co-worker's start questioning his sanity, the hapless hero turns to the bottle and delves deep into the heart of the bondage world, where not everything is as it seems. Softcore bombshell Julie Strain also makes an appearance as a member of a bloody orgy that get chomped on late in the film.

After watching Killjoy I was really entertained by John Lechago's vision. I felt he brought out a good looking product for a low budget B flick. Well, low and behold I own his first movie Bloodgnome. I could not wait to sit and watch something else from Lechago.  Upon putting the DVD in I wondered what the hell did I get myself into. The first thing that bugged me was the 1.33.1 aspect ratio that was going to make it hard to watch. Second it was clearly a low (Super low) budget film that looked like it was shot on a VHS tape. I did look into that part he actually used a very good camera in the Sony DSR-PD150 which I have used myself on commercials so for 2004 this was a good piece of equipment. 

Melissa Pursley 
The movie opens with a strange bondage scene that set the tone for the movie. These Gnomes need blood to survive and these weirdo's cutting themselves during sex is what this movie is all about. A very odd plot choice if you ask me. All my complaints quickly melted away as the young never heard of cast moves the story along very well. And Lechago's directing ability with good angles and fast editing makes this a very watchable movie. 

A little Kick in the Balls will slow anything down.
And the Gnomes look really good for what they are. Let's face it rubber monsters still have their place in movies and are still more fun to watch than any CGI monster out there. They are nothing over the top but again with fast pace editing they look good. And at this point most people watching are waiting for more boobs to show up. 

They even have subtle character traits like this guy with his earnings. And there is one other monster they call mother. And you get to see her monster VaJay Jay and that in its self is worth the diving in the dump bin at your big box store to find this movie.

So in the end this movie works on a few positive levels. Is this one of the cult classic underground movie no, but in a few ways it could be. The cast works well together the young director does wonders with his budget and there is more nudie in the last 20 minutes of this movie that it is a wonder that it did not get an NC-17 or X rating.

Clearly this movie is not for everybody but in some circles it's worth a spin!

Bloodgnome you get 

2 1/2 bloody brains


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