eBay Horror Tiles

I have been cleaning up my Horror Collection this week and decide it's time to move a few of these tiles. I have been a big fan of Swap a DVD for many years, but some of my tiles don't move very fast. So I'm going to give eBay a try. Here is what I  started with.

 Hellbound Hellraiser 2 VHS

For some goofy reason, I had two copies of this one. The last one I bought the other day is a rare copy so I'm going to keep that one and try and dump this one. Feel Free to Bid on it here.

Next up The Greenskeeper. I just watched this last year and enjoyed it very much. But I did find it on DVD so time to ship this one out as well.

Good old Johnny Rocker star's in this low budget Golf Horror Movie. Bid away my horror hound buddy's. Next up is the one I'm pretty sure will not sell but what the heck going to try anyway. So here is the next tile...

The only selling point I have for this would be I'm the only one to have owned this so it's in near mint condition. Interested will cool click here.

Now this one might have a chance to sell Fast Zombie's With Guns. It is region free and a rare convention copy before Chemical Burn but it out to the masses. Not a super rare movie but Horror collector's will be happy with the rare cover art. Happy Bidding...


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