Hail to the King!

Why King Kong well let me tell you a fun little story. Kong was a theatre hit in the winter of 1976. I was all about the king that year. In the spring of 1977 we bought our first Betamax player. To celebrate my family had a movie watching party.

Tikki torches, fresh live lobster and the neibors all came over for what was to be a fantastic time.

I remember everything about that night, in fact it was the first nightmare I can remember. We had the windows open that night and a cool wind started to blow in. As a storm fast approached thoughts of King Kong coming raced through my six-year-old head. I remember taking my sleeping 1-year-old sister out of her crib to protect her from the great ape! So while she was crying of course that woke my parents that where not every happy with me. After getting everybody to bed, I know I had some of the most fantastic nightmares that night  one I could not get myself up out of bed it was like I was trapped!

I could not get enough of King Kong after that. From backpacks to the coolest lunch box I had ever owned. And I can not get those dreams from that night out of my head.


  1. I vaguely remember seeing King Kong merchendise as a kid.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. I remember seeing King Kong in the theaters. I did not like the ending very much. I think I was hoping the ape prevailed.


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