Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Ah back to Saturday morning cartoons and Zan and Jayna as the Wonder Twins. The super friends where a big part of my life growing up. And I seemed to like the underdog superheroes the best.

The Wonder Twins were two alien siblings from the planet Exxor. Arriving on Earth, they soon endeared themselves to the heroic team, the Super Friends and acted as the team's official sidekick/mascots for a brief duration. Originally, the Wonder Twins were exclusive to the continuity of theSuper Friends animated series and the Super Friends comic book adaptation, but they were later re-imagined for the modern Post-Crisis environment and introduced in the pages of Extreme Justice.


  1. I am learning about all sorts of superheroes that we didn't have growing up in Oz.


  2. But are they better than Wendy & Marvin?

    1. Ha! The comic relief superheroes from DC?

    2. Definitely better, but let's face it: Without Jayna, Zan was just a bucket of water.


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