You Can't Keep A Bad Clown Down

Killjoy 3: Revenge! 
2010 | Color | 76 Min. | 1.78.1 | R | Horror | Dolby Digital | Full Moon Horror

Director: John Lechago

Writer: John Lechago

Trent Haaga
Victoria De Mare
Al Burke

Four college students on spring break are house sitting for their professor. Meanwhile, the professor is involved in a conjuring ceremony trying to raise the demon clown Killjoy for revenge. Killjoy is not going at it alone this time and raises three other demon clowns. The behemoth hobo clown, Punchy. The conjoined twins mime, Freakshow. And the crazy, seductive succubus Batty Boop.

But who is the target of the Professor's revenge? Before Killjoy can get a name the Professor disappears and the demons are sucked into their realm. Back at the Professor's house Sandy and her classmates, Erica, Rojer and Zilla discover a mysterious package that was left overnight at the doorstep. Inside is a strange ornate mirror. The mirror transports the students into Killjoy's demon realm one by one where they have to survive the twisted diabolical trials that Killjoy has for them. Only when the Professor returns do they have any hope of challenging the demon clown and his posse.

Culminating in a macabre feast the students finally discover who the object of the Professor's revenge ultimately is, and why he resurrected Killjoy!

Killjoy 3 is the upgrade fans were looking for! Trent Haaga knocks it out of the park, catchy one-liners clown humor and a new look! Not to mention bringing on board a group of new friends. John Lechago (Blood Gnomes) gives us a fresh take on the demonic clown with a fantastic plot to go with his very polished directing style. Add Tom Devlin (Season One of Face/Off) and his visual style and you get some great looking characters.

Meet Punchy the Hobo Clown.
Full Moon brings us yet another fine looking cast of people we should get to see more of. Mainly our hero Jessica Whitaker and Chicago native Olivia Dawn York. Add in some very impressive set pieces and you get the best Killjoy so far. They even fixed the soundtrack to be a little more upbeat.

Jessica Whitaker and Olivia Dawn York
If you're looking to jump into this series this would be a great jumping point, it does reference the first one but fill's you in just fine. This movie does everything right fine editing, interesting locations, new characters, all help keep this franchise alive and well. This one ever ramps up the blood and guts that the first two were missing.

Only one more to go in the Killjoy Series and number 3 is going to be hard to beat.

Hold your temper there Batty Boop! I give you and your boy toy a happy

4 Bloody Brains out of 5!



  1. All right! KILLJOY... is great weird creation, I never have seen the third.

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    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

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