In Store K-Mart Christmas Music From 1974

Well, its here the Christmas Season is truly upon us. For most of you, the Christmas Music has grown old and every shopping outlet you step foot into has it blasting! So when I found this K-Mart loop on youtube for 1974 I could not wait to share it. So if you're not to sick of Christmas Music yet let this play in the background while you read up on those other blogs. And Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. I shared this with my parents! My dad was a K-Mart manager for 26 years and my mom was an office manager during this year (my dad was in the Navy in 1974, and so was actually on a break from working at K-Mart. It might sound funny, but K-Mart is actually a huge part of their Christmas memories! Thanks for point this out so I could share it with them.

  2. Actually, I miss K-mart. And I'm so old that I remember the store it was derived from -- Kresges. Both Kresges and K-mart always had good in-store lunch counters, back in the days when lunch counters were standard in department stores. Enjoy your Christmas Eve tonight and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. I'm with both of you I miss my K-Mart and I understand what your parents mean when you say it was a big part of your Christmas as my wife worked for Bergners (Bon-Ton) for 30 years and was a huge part of what the girls got under the tree. We have both struggled with Christmas this year without it and well with her still out of work. But those big department stores where so important in life. It's to bad. I do hope your folks did enjoy walking down memory lane.


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