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Cat and the Canary
1939 | B&W | 72 Min | 1.37:1 | NA | Mono | Comedy/Horror | Paramount Pictures 

Director: Elliott Nugent

Writers: Walter DeLeon

Bob Hope
Paulette Goddard
John Beal

Ten years have passed since the death of millionaire, Cyrus Norman. Cosby, Cyrus' attorney, has gathered Cyrus' 6 remaining relatives to his New Orleans' mansion for Cyrus' "reading of the will". To the others disappointment, Joyce is the sole heir, but, due to a streak of insanity running in the family, a second will have been made in case Joyce falls victim to it. This puts Joyce in danger. Suddenly, Miss Lu, Cyrus' maid, appears and warns them that the spirits have told her that one of them will die that night. Following this, Hendrick, a prison guard, warns them that, "The Cat", a homicidal maniac has escaped. This sets up Cyrus' relatives with a night filled with murders, mysteries, and intrigue.

Did you know this movie is  one of over 700 Paramount productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, that were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since. Because of legal complications, this particular title was not included in the original television package and was not televised until several years later.

Sven showed The Ghost Breakers not to long ago and Bob Hope was fun to watch in that one. Needless to say, I have high hopes for this one. Make sure to check out your local listings for time and channel in your area. Let me know if you tuned in and how you liked Cat and the Canary.

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