Happy Halloween

Hey, gang first Happy Halloween may your day and night be filled with sweet treats and rotten tricks! May the great pumpkin stop buy, along with all the witch's, goblins and ghosts. I hope the weather is better in your side of the woods as everything thing here is rained out so far, BOO!

I want to thank everybody for stopping by the Cave during the Countdown to Halloween 2015 this year. It is always fun posting about my favorite holiday. If you like what you have seen please subscribe to my site or goole+ for updates. You can also follow me on Twitter as well. A special thank you to Dex over at AEIOU...and sometimes Why for interviewing me this year. I really love those interview post's you should check them out. Each one this year was so cool! And to Justine over at Justine's Halloween Blog for the invite to her Halloween Blog Party It's a must to check out those get-ups! And thanks to that post I found a great Halloween Music site Dead Air 98point3Fm truly fun times there. Also to Erick over at Wonderful Wonderblog who hosted a give away that I won! Yesss! I will post my prize back later next month. You need to check his blog out just for his Shreck costume that he made it's awesome!

My girls this year are going to be a Genie and Sadness from Inside out. I have a few pictures from Truck or Treat at school, but they go to private school so no makeup. I love that we have had nothing but homemade outfits each year and I'm always amazed at how the girls get inspired each year. Such a magical time for them. This year my oldest want's to watch a scary movie so we will see. 

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween and thanks again!



  1. Happy Halloween! Thanks for the shout-out and for arriving as Jaws for my party! :) Glad you're enjoying that music on Dead Air! Isn't it amazing to hear so many new Halloween songs? Just when you think you've heard them all. I don't even know how many hours I've listened to that radio station this month.

    We've got that same rainy weather you have today. For an adult like me who was planning to stay in and watch scary movies, it's fitting. But I feel bad for the trick-or-treaters! Trick-or-treat is at night so maybe the skies will clear up by then? We'll see...

    I still need to see "Inside Out"! I've heard nothing but good reviews of it. From what I've heard, it's a cute idea for a movie.

    Have a fun time celebrating on this spooky, rainy day!


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