Grab your pop corn buckets! Its Fright Flicks Friday.

Throughout the year, I have watched a few movies that I said that come Halloween these should be reviewed. Even added to the whole this should be on my list of must watch during the cool fall season. So first up,

The 1979 creepy thriller Tourist Trap. This movie wowed me in so many ways. The biggest surprise of this Tourist Trap has to be it's unforgivingly creepy soundtrack that will play in my Halloween Mix this year. I ended up giving the movie 4 bloody brains. Also lent it out to a few non-horror movie friends that loved it as well!

Check out my review here Tourist Trap

   For a few Classic Monster heads out there Vampire Bat is already on of    those movies they revisit from time to time. I love these old simple black and white movies they give you chills mainly because the story line is so good. The movie surprised me and I felt a little silly waiting so long to have watched it.

Check out my 3 Bloody Brain review Vampire Bat

Talk about a low budget gem! This movie still sticks out in my little brain as one of the best movies I have seen so far this  year. It has it all suspense that is nerve racking a cast that works well together  and a killer map! I might even revisit this one again this year. Be forewarned the ending almost kills the whole movie.

Check it out here I Bury the Living 

enjoy next Friday I will be back with a movie review.


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