Fall Harvest on Hallmark Channel

Harvest Moon
2015 | Color | 120 Min | 16:9 | G | Stereo | Drama | Hallmark Channel 

Peter DeLuise

J.P. Martin
Ron Oliver

Willie Aames
Tony Alcantar
Lynda Boyd

After her family has to file for bankruptcy, a young woman moves to the country in hopes of fixing up a struggling pumpkin farm that her father bought as an investment. Hoping to get the family back on their feet financially, she finds purpose and love.

Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for love story's too! So this year when I heard Hallmark was running a few Fall Harvest movies I was more than happy to give them a shot. Like most families and households in America, Halllmark Channel will be on for hours on end in December watching Christmas movies. Hallmark had four movies this year, but I only caught two of them. Like all the other Hallmark movies, they are pretty predictable and you can pretty much figure out the outcome in the first 20 minutes. The hard part would have to be can the movie keep you interested the rest of the time. 

I think Willie Aames has aged well
Harvest Moon does a good job of keeping you in the moment with its wonderful full colors and country farm like landscape. The cast is ok in fact the background charters hold this movie together better than its two young stars. Lynda Boyed is pretty easy on eyes, but that is really about it. I just could not get into the main characters. But in the end I ended up liking the movie it ends on a good note with not too much gushing!

3 Bloody Brains

Next up was 

Autumn Dreams
2015 | Color | 120 Min | 16:9 | G | Stereo | Drama | Hallmark Channel 

Director: Neill Fearnley

Writer: Laurie Stevens

Daniel Bacon
Bill Dow
Colin Egglesfield

Annie and Ben marry in their late teens, but due to her parents disapproval have the marriage annulled. Their lives both become complicated as they are both preparing for independent marriages later in life and discover the annulment was never filed.

Ok, so this movie did not sit well with me. Basically, these two fall back in love and become homewreckers just before their wedding day's. I don't I can not ever write about it just skip it!

1 Bloody Brain
Now if the Hallmark channel would just back it up and realize we DO NOT need to start watching Christmas Movies on Halloween!!! Not 24 hours worth! Maybe by the middle of November but back away from Halloween people.


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