Dang you Hallmark its Halloween!

Thank god El Rey Network and Full Moon Features is running a Puppet Master Marathon all day on Halloween! If that is not enough make sure to check out all the bloggers on Countdown to Halloween 2015 


  1. We used to get such great post Halloween sales but now Christmas has encroached by the 15th of October - pathetic.

  2. Christmas Decorations in stores earlier these days...

  3. I work retail so I understand Christmas early it's about jumping on the early dollar before they have to mark it down. This year I have just been blowing it off when I walk in. But now TV and movies showing Christmas in October is nuts, nuts I say!! And so many people are talking about how they can not wait to turn them on today. Just stop we are going to burn ourselves out on Christmas by Thanksgiving!! {Steps off soap box} You guys have a wonderful Halloween and spread some Ghoulish Cheer this year. :)


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