You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me.

Yes, it is that wonderful time where I spend the next 31 day's enjoying the Halloween season with the legion's of fans! The blog hop we all have been waiting for! Make sure to check out all the other Halloween fans and ogle their fun websites as well over at Countdown to Halloween. Every Thursday here at the Cave we will celebrate Halloween's of the past. Random collection's of odd and rare items and add's. So sit back and enjoy and of course thanks for stopping by.

 The first time I had ever seen Halloween was on Channel 32 WFLD Chicago one cold and raining Halloween night. The setting was perfect it was a Friday night so a bunch of us neighborhood kids got together for a sleepover after trick or treating way back in 1981. Do to censoring Carpenter filmed 12 extra minutes to be edited in while they were shooting Halloween 2. At the young age of 11 scary movies were not so new to me but for my friends it was great fun seeing them all squirm. I will also never forget the year Halloween 2 hit broadcast TV and how we all made sure to get together that year as well. We were too old then to trick or treat so it was a pizza and soda kind of sleepover. The first 3 Halloween movies are a staple for the season and for many great reasons why. When you look at what scares younger kids it's the monster under the bed or the Boogey Man!


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