Tonight we blow the lid off Dracula! A live super event!

Dracula Live From Transylvania
1989 | Color | 92 Min | 1.37:1 | TV | Stereo | Halloween Special

Source: Vintage Halloween Channel on Roku

Directors: Roger Cardinal

Writers: Carl La Fong

Stars: Joe Cazalet
George Hamilton
Julie Hayden

Thanks to a quite lazy afternoon I finally check out Dracula Live From Transylvania. This show is on the Roku App Vintage Halloween Channel that I bought last year for .99 cents. It's not a bad channel and for what it's worth the price was not bad as well. This so-called Documentary is hosted by George Hamilton as he interviews vampire experts Radu Florescu; and Bernard Davies of the Dracula Society, located in London. You get a mixed bag of taped segments and live telecast from Transylvania. 

I think one of the reason's for Hamilton hosting was him coming off the success of Once Bitten. Which he alludes to in more than one bad joke throughout the show. In fact the one-liners and hidden jokes kind of get out of hand in many ways and grow old fast. In fact, this whole show gets boring pretty fast just like Geraldo Revera opening Al Capone's vault! Maybe this worked back in 1989 for some people I'm sure my mom tuned in just to watch Hamilton and his talk about vampires. 

Know I did learn a few things about Bram Stoker and how he came to writing a novel that created a monster that is still popular to this day! You do get a lot of facts about Vlad Tepes that I found interesting as this show was based on facts, not fiction. So if you are a Vampire fan this show is for you and makes an interesting way to learn more about the romantic side of Vampires.

This movie has fallen into Public Doman and looks like the person who uploaded the video found it on an old VHS tape that sadly was recorded in EP mode, not SP so the quality is not the best even for a VHS tape. Never the less if your a Vampire fan or a Halloween nut like myself you can check it out for free here but for me I can only give this show...

2 Bloody Brains.


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