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Lil Creepers
2004 | Color | 22 Min | 1.37:1 | G | Mono | Animation | H2 Studios

Source: DVD

Brian Byers
Donald Hacker

Brian Byers
Donald Hacker

Dylan Crowley
Michael Curran
Breana Jarvis

When Sam and Melly are forced to move to a town inhabited by monsters, they are quickly befriended by the neighborhood kids known as 'the Lil Creepers'. There's Bela, the young teething vampire; Boris, a miniature Frankenstein's Monster; Vinnie, a spunky tough-talking werewolf; Elsa, a cute devil girl with a fiery hot temper; and Lonnie, a groaning mummy who drags around his dead pet dog, Blister. The first episode 'Tricks or Tricks' follows Sam and Melly as they go trick or treating with their new friends, only to be terrorized by the local bully, a zombie named Eddie. In the second episode 'Bela's Bash', the gang celebrates Bela's birthday at his Transylvania-style mansion with morbid games like Pin the Tail on the Ogre. Eddie the Zombie tries once again to ruin the Lil Creepers' fun, but he gets a taste of his own evil medicine instead.

Halloween Special

After finding this DVD earlier this summer, I was pretty excited to check it out this Halloween season. It was not a bad price only .50 cents and with the tiles Tricks or Tricks and Bela's Bash who could go wrong? Well me obviously! These Halloween tales even left the girls scratching their heads. My oldest started pointing out all the flaws but my youngest she was not complaining too much.

Halloween special

The characters are fun and done very well kind of in the style you would find on a cereal box. But the stagnant backgrounds with choppy computer generated animation comes off kind of well amateurish. Which in many ways it was. You can not find much on the H2 Studios and IMBD shows this as the only product to come out of them. Don't get me wrong I do understand this was 2004 but you would think they would be just a little less clunky.

Halloween Special

What has to be the oddest thing trough out both episodes is why the hell are they wearing diapers?? They come off as maybe 5th or 6th graders, not toddlers. Yep, that left us scratching our heads as well. Not all was bleak with Lil Creepers the voice actors do a good job with the dialogue they where given. And one of the bright spots would have to be the soundtrack that has a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy vibe.

So at 22 minutes it was hardly long enough to really hate it and truly it has potential, to be good. The characters are fun but the story kind of lacks along with a not so smooth animation. I can not sit here and tell you to seek it out even if it was on late night TV all though the previous owner must have liked it as it was pretty scratched up showing that somebody out there got into the Halloween Spirit thanks to the Lil creepers, just not us...

2 Bloody Brains!

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