Deformed. Devious. Depraved.

1997 | Color | 82 Min | 1.37:1 | R | Dolby | Horror | Full Moon Features

Charles Band

Neal Marshall Stevens

Jacqueline Lovell
Michael Citriniti
Rhonda Griffin
Mel Johnson Jr.

A group of rival collectors of severely deformed freakish human beings and the FBI agents that are investigating them must battle against some of their collections which aren't as dead as they seem...

Wow, what a crazy idea for a movie! Guys skimming the shit in a sewage plant looking for rare and odd things to sell to people that have too much money and really freaky hobbies! Sure Charles Band is back and playing with tiny dead things that freak you out in 1997's crazy flick Hideous! I'm not sure what Neal Marshall Stevens (Head of the Family, Hellraiser: Deader) was smoking to come up with a wild ride like this. Only Full Moon could come up with classic lines like "You gave your fiancee' an engagement ring fished out of liquid crap?" You just can't make this stuff up like they can!

Of course, Elvira rocked it like only she can poking fun at Charles Band himself talking about how she should not dig through is trash. Unlike Shrunken Heads where she popped in and out of frame with her jokes they were far and few during Hideous. Most of the joking came from the intro and outro of the movie. Now she did pop up once and awhile and at those times she was great. Now how about the movie was it great?

Maybe not great but you know what was? Yep Jacqueline Lovell! Fresh off of Head of the Family and a far cry from Forrest Gump this amazing softcore starlet is HOT! And she is not afraid to show it or flaunt her stuff. Her outfit consisted off a black vest, mini skirt, hiking boots and a pearl necklace well when she kept the vest on anyway. Her tough charter was played just fine and is one big reason to check out this movie. The other starlet that drives this movie to the top is Rhonda Griffin. Not so sure as to why she has only done four movies (The Creeps, Naked Fear) she was fantastic in her role. And Tracie May most likely never worked again after being molested in this movie by one of the Hideous creatures. As far as the guys go who really cares right? Ok, Ok Jerry O'Donnell plays a funny detective that does not carry a gun.

Baby, it's cold outside!

The setting of this movie mainly takes place in one of the collectors house. It is more like a castle with an acid bath in the study makes it pretty interesting. But they do adventure into many rooms giving you the feel of how big this house is. The swear plant was shot well enough to smell the shit. And the office well it was an office. Never the less everything looks great and fits the mood of the movie. Oh and it was shot in Romania so the snow was real. (sorry had to throw that out there.)

My Baby's
The special effects for Hideous are all right and done well. They knew what they were doing when using the light to their advantage. And just like killer eyeballs and leech women one of these creatures get a little taste of female flesh as well. I like the design of them they work not going to scare anybody, but they look cool and really that is what it is all about. 

Richard Band scored this movie as well. Nothing overpowering about the score as it sett's into the background just right. Cue's as always play in all the right spots. Sound effects are ok as well you only get a few gunshots here and there and one of the creatures communicates with whispers and mumbles. Nothing to blow you away and nothing out of place.

So the two collectors decide they would have a duel to the death with swords. This has to be the worst part of the movie. I get why it's there and it makes sense just the actors really suck at swordplay. It is so bad it almost takes you out of the movie due to laughing. The movie is far from perfect but never falls short on entrainment. Add in Elvira to spice things up and you have yourself a nice little flick. 

It's defiantly worth a look!

3 Bloody Brains


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