Lumpkin the Pumpkin Rare VHS

Lumpkin the Pumpkin
1994 | Color | 22 Min | 1.37:1 | G | Stereo | Animated | Lions Gate 

Music by Bobby Goldsboro 

It's Halloween! A contest is on among the spooky witches and jack-o'-lanterns to see who can frighten the children the most. But Tara the Good Witch and Lumpkin the Pumpkin don't want to be scary or play tricks. They show the girls and boys how to really enjoy Halloween and how to stay safe too. Singer Bobby Goldsboro narrates and sings this happy tale of tricks, treats, and Halloween fun.

Picked up this VHS early in the season for 20 cents and felt I could not go wrong it's a Halloween special that I have never seen. Well was it worth it, hmm maybe.

The cartoon was not intended to be scary and geared toward younger children. Being this was produced by PBS the  main emphasis is education and safety during trick or treating. The whole idea is not about scaring anyone in order to have fun on Halloween when we are out trick or treating.

In fact, Tara the young witch stops a group of younger kids playing a trick on an old lady that was in reality very nice and more afraid of the kids. Well thank goodness Tara and Lumpkin do not want to scare anybody.

The show was narrated by singer Bobby Goldsboro who after retiring from music he went on to do a few animated kid shows. The songs are really the only fun thing for me after watching this show. The voices were kind of rough the animation was crude to the point that The Worst Witch from the 70's with its psychedelic colors looked better than this. Just misses its mark. 

Well sorry, folks this gem is not out on DVD which is good for me as my VHS is bringing in anywhere from 7 to 32 dollars. But thanks to the glory of YouTube you can find it there. Lumpkin was worth my 20 cents but that was about it. I recommend going the free route if you want to check this out. Or by my VHS tape for ten bucks. 

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