Warm Frosted Pumpkin Pie

Is there anything better during the hunting season then anything Pumpkin-flavored? We all love the sights and sounds of the season and in this house we love the taste as well. Now I'm not a fan of Poptarts and for some reason growing up I was never allowed to have them, in fact, some days I would have to sneak over to a friends house just to try them out from time to time. Never the less still not my fav. This year though I have not had much luck on finding Eggo's Pumpkin spice waffles so I settled on these Frosted Pumpkin Pie tarts.

The first thing you notice taking them out is the strong scent of pumpkin and an overload of frosting with fall color sprinkles. As for the filling, it has a good taste but really lacks on how much filling is really inside. I sure could have used a little bit more. Oh yeah does Taster Struddle still make their pumpkin pie now that has a lot of filling and tasted much better. Anyway for now this will do I did not hate them but it will take some time before I pick them up again. If you are a pop tart lover that enjoys the flavors of fall then I have to say dive in!

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