A way-out adventure!

Ok time to dig back into the late Seventies archives! I swear growing up I was the only one in my group of friends that ever watched this. I was always grateful that dad was willing to buy a blank VHS Tape for me to tape this special. It was not until I had kids that I thought about this one and it took a long time to track it down once again.

A Cosmic Christmas came out of the little Canadian animation company, Nelvana. Cosmic Christmas was an animated film in which a town rediscovers the real spirit of Christmas, thanks to three visitors from outer space and a little boy named Peter. Commercialism and greed seem to contradict the meaning of Christmas, and when Peter's pet goose is kidnapped, things look even worse. An exciting rescue results in a new sense of caring and sharing.

Of course, this was meant to tie into the Star Wars craze and the new found love for Sci-Fi. I was so happy to revisit this not that long ago and for me, it still holds up and is defiantly something added to your Creepmas watch list. Its a very bizarre story and its odd animation make this a classic that should have found its way to a DVD but sadly has gone out of print. Thanks to the powers of YouTube you can watch it here.

Of course, Nelvana had a slew of hits you may remember like The Care Bears Movie, Strawberry Short Cake, and The Wild Puffalumps. So let me know in the comments if you remember watching this special. And if not let me know what you think of it when your done watching.


  1. As a Canadian, I certainly remember Nelvana but I never saw this special. Probably because I was an adult when it came out. Well, a whole 20 years old, anyway.

    1. I promise it still worth checking out at any age. In fact as adults we probably appreciate it more.

  2. I actually remember seeing it here in the US, in the late 70s or early 80s. Wanted to rewatch, so thanks for the heads up to it!

    1. It one of those times in life I still had the VHS laying around.

    2. I actually watched it this morning. Remembered a lot, down to mannerisms and such. It left a mark, I guess. Still sweet. I enjoyed it.


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