When Bad Puppets, turn Good

Puppet Master 4: When Bad Puppets, Turn Good
1993 | Color | 79 Minutes | 1.37:1 | R | Horror | Mono | Full Moon

Source: DVD

Director: Jeff Burr

Writers: Todd Henschell

Gordon Currie
Chandra West
Ash Adams

A young scientist working on an artificial intelligence project is the target of strange gremlin-like creatures, who are out to kill him and thus terminate his research. By coincidence, in one of the rooms he uses, there's a mysterious case containing the puppets of the "puppet master". When the puppets are brought to life, they help destroy the creatures.

So what the hell just happened? What the heck was this movie? And this was set to be a big screen flick titled Puppet Master The Movie! Thank god they did not do that. And it was filmed back to back with Part 5 that I already know is the weakest of the group. So I wonder how could it get any worse than this. Boy, I have so much to look forward to.

Now we do get a few good things so let me stop bitching for just one minute anyway.  We do get some pretty cool new Puppets including Decapitation. If it was not for him we would have had and an early version of Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys which we do get later down the line. We also get our first take on the Totems and they are not to bad. As far as locations we do get to go back to the hotel and that is always fun to see and they set the record straight that it is still open they are just there during the off season.

Now the cast is so/so  I did not hate them, but I sure did not like them. The score was ok I later read it was music reused from Dr. Mordrid and Richard Band's score from previous Puppet Masters. I would love to tell you more about the cast, but this movie put me to sleep! No joke I nodded off for like 15 minutes I never take naps so what the hell how bad was this. 

We also get a lame excuse for a puppet on puppet fight that was a long two minutes of torcher. And these demons from hell I guess where trying to steel soles and I'm not really sure why I guess I should not have fallen asleep. Look if this ever hits Blu-Ray I will rewatch it I promise and maybe I need to just take a step away from the Puppet Master series for a week or three. 

Is that Laserblast?
Ok so in the end skip this one unless your a purest like me and want to torcher your soul watching this junk...

2 Bloody Brains out of 5


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