Get Over Here!! It's Mortal Kombat Cartoon!

MK: The Journey Begins
1995 | Color | 38 Minutes | 1.33:1 | PG | Action | Dolby | Turner Home Entertainment

Source: VHS

Director: Joseph Francis

Writer: Kevin Droney

Jeff Bennett
Jim Cummings
Ron Feinberg

As the three chosen defenders of Earth travel to the Kombat Island, Rayden teaches them how to be the masters of their destiny's, how to overcome their foes, and how to control their powers. Liu Kang, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage must defeat Shang Tsung, Sub Zero, Scorpion and Goro if they are to survive this challenge to decide the fate of the earth.

By the power of bad CGI!!
Lately the girls and I have been on a classic game kick. In fact, we have hooked up all of the old systems in the Man Cave and have spent some fun nights playing the old "GOOD" stuff. So to my surprise when I was out hunting for movies the other day I came across this Mortal Kombat The Animated Video "The Journey Begins". At first I put it down but at some point went back to it, see I'm a closet fan of MK and by closet I mean I suck real bad but still get a kick out of playing this game. It makes for a great stress relief after a long day at work. But this movie well no stress relief for this one!

Time to pop this bad boy in for some ass kicking fun! The movie opens up ok sure it has very early 90's computer 3D animation that I can get past ok. My girls not so much thanks to Disney/Pixar. Then it jumps into the movie and we get a much better had drawing cartoon flow with mixed in computer effects. I liked the blend of the two it works well in this situation. Unfortunately for me this VHS turns out to be an unofficial tie-in and prequel to the feature that came out the same year. So I already knew the story at this point.

So despite getting nothing new out of this the story still plays out OK for new viewers but it does not hold up to what we are use to today. The music is cool and the 3d art at times looks pretty good when they blend it in. The acting is nothing to write home about, hmm getting the sense that I did not really like this. On to the bad before this gets out of hand.

Most of the fighting sequences look like this garbage. I understand they were showing off what was next in video game technology but it would have helped this movie if they would have skipped it. It is pretty laughable at times and if you have never seen an MK it would really take away from the story. I did find out this is an extra on the Blu-Ray that I have been thinking out picking up so it is out there if your interested. For now the VHS will sit with the other's until I can recoup my forty-nine cents. Speaking of bonus features (which were rare for VHS) this has a few. Like during the credits it hints of a secret code in the back round not sure what it unlocked, unfortunately. Also, there is a making of the theatrical movie and after that I guess other Kombat Kodes as well. But sadly I fell asleep watching the bonus material and had no desire to look back on them.  

So sadly I can not recommend seeking this one out even tho I did not hate it I did not like it as well.

Finish Him!
2 Bloody Brains out of 5


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