Halloween is gearing up in 2015

Looks like Mill Creek Entertainment is gearing up for Halloween with a couple cool releases coming soon. First up William Castle.

William Castle Horror Collection
Five Films From the Master of Fright

13 Ghosts

Mr. Sardonicus


The Old Dark House

13 Frightened Gils

So I have heard of the two Classic's but the bottom 3 I'm  not familiar with. So that alone will have me picking this up when it hits dump bins this August.

Next up Hammer Films Collection Volume One. Now I'm not that in tuned with Hammer but they sure have a following. Again you get 5 movies here as well.

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll

Scream of Fear!

The Gorgon

Stop Me Before I Kill!

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

I have heard of some tiles and will most likely pick this up if the price is right. 

Both discs debut August 18th with a suggested retail of $14.98.


  1. Worthy man cave. And I believe Man Cave Anniversary congratulations are in order?


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