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Puppet Master 2
1991 | Color | 88 Minutes | 1.85:1 | R | Horror | 5.1 Surround sound | Full Moon Horror

Source: Blu-Ray

Director: David Allen

Writers: Charles Band

Elizabeth Maclellan
Collin Bernsen
Steve Welles

Toulon's puppets help collect brain tissue from human victims for Toulon to create his formula to animate the inanimate. The victims this time includes a group of researchers from a US department, responsible for investigating the paranormal.

There back....

The second film in the Puppet Master franchise was a direct to video to the smash hit Puppet Master. And here we sit almost 25 years later and we are still talking about this one by Dave Allen as the best in the series. I'm sad to say this came out on Blu-Ray back in 2012 and I'm just now getting to it. This puppy looks fantastic. The color correction is amazing for a low budget film that is this old. And the plot holds up as well. We are finally interduced to my favorite puppet Torch. Sadly he only shows up again in part 5 and makes a few "Cameos" in a few others. But for me he is by for the coolest hot hand of the bunch. I have not yet seen part 5 so looking forward to that movie. I have only seen up to part 3 in the past so I hope it is just as fun to revisit as this was.

The story this time around is up to par with the early 90's with X-Files being a big show back then. You get a cast of paranormal investigators checking into the haunted hotel. The cast is a mixed bag they are not bad but nothing over exciting. The plot moves along at a very nice pace and you definitely get more of the puppets this time around. The kill's are even better for this sequel with Tunneler leading the charge. 

Not sure why Tunneler does not get more love in the poster art but he seems to carry a lot of the workload. The soundtrack for PM 2 is awesome again calling in Richard Band to score the movie. 

I also really fell in love with the look of Toulon. Sure it's just bandage's and goggles but the look has a great eeriness to it. Yes, this movie has its flaws you can see strings and hands holding the puppets but really who cares it happens so fast that you hardly notice. I'm sure back during the VHS craze you could not see them at all. Call it a curse of the Blu-Ray.

This Blu does have one major flaw to me and that would be the audio mix. Not sure what it is but at times it sounds like I'm listening to the movie in a garbage can. But it is never bad enough to take you out of the movie. I did watch the video zone bonus feature and enjoyed that as well. I hope to visit the  audio commentary soon. We also get a few trailers and an intro from Charles Band himself. 

So if you have not seen PM in a while defiantly check out the Blu-Ray it looks amazing despite the sound. It is a good story with a great director. 

For his Unholy Creations...

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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