Swamp Thing...Your Amazing...

Swap Thing: The Un-Men Unleashed
1991 | Color | 28 Minutes | 1.85:1 | G | Animation | 2.0 Dolby | Kenner Toys

Source: VHS

Len Wein
Bernie Wrightson

Len Carlson
Don Francks
Philip Akin

Believing that Swamp Thing can grant him immortality, Anton Arcane turns three swamp thugs into human-animal hybrids, the Un-Men and sends them to capture him. Instead, they capture two lost boys, so Swamp Thing and friends intervene.

Picked this tape up a year or two ago at a book sale with the intent of watching it over the Halloween season. Well, that said season has come and gone. I had some time to kill the other day and its 23-minute run time was perfect. I have never heard of the swamp thing cartoon, but it makes sense with Kenner putting out some god awful action figures and a so so NES game. So let us pop this bad boy in shale we?

The first thing that caught me by surprise was the lack of anything just before the video started. No commercial for the toys no previews nothing just goes right into the show. What has to be the worst theme song in the history of TV starts blasting from my speakers I almost turned it off! They took Wild Thing and made it Swamp Thing ugh make it stop! But I hung in there and that was a good thing.

Basically, it is your Saturday morning flair kids get in trouble and get saved by a giant monster. It happens every day you know. One thing about this first episode is they fill in the gap as to why and who is Swamp Thing. The characters are well rounded and fit in just fine and the villains are pretty cool. Again this was a Saturday morning kid show so it was all about selling those toys.

 Few fun facts about the show this episode aired on Halloween of 1990 and did not air again on the fox network until April. The show only lasted 5 episodes which are too bad the show was really good. Also, this was the only episode to show up on VHS. All five did see the light of day on DVD in a very limited run that can fetch up to $40 bucks on eBay. The DVD was released during the Halloween season as well for one year. Man did I miss the boat on this one. 

You can catch the first show over on YouTube and sample the theme song for yourself. I really enjoyed Swamp Thing and I'm pretty bummed that I missed the DVD of this show. I know I will watch this again over the Halloween Season as it is one of those tapes I will keep in my collection.

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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