Michael Vs Jason

Friday The 31st
2005 | Color | 20 Minutes | 1.37:1 | R | Horror | Stereo | Blinky Production

Source: DVD

Director: Chris R. Notarile

Writer: Chris R. Notarile

Jonathan Ellis
Niki Rubin
Mar Omega

Friday the 31st: Michael vs Jason is 2005, 22-minute, a fan-made film directed by Chris Notarile. This film has become a sensation for horror fans worldwide, first being uploaded on YouTube and being available on other websites such as Vimeo. The film starts with John Tate visiting his mother's grave in Haddonfield, Illinois. After the visit, John and his fiancee, Sara Moyer, then head off for New York, unaware that they're being followed by John's deadly uncle, Michael Myers. Lost for directions, they end up in Crystal Lake in New Jersey and they encounter Tommy Jarvis, on the run from his masked nemesis, Jason Voorhees. Tommy elaborates what happened when he was 12 when Jason killed his mother. As John encounters Jason, Tommy's partner, Chera, is killed by Michael, and Tommy is incapacitated by Jason, and as they encounter each other, they begin their fierce battle.

Sometimes you just find the oddest things at a garage sale. I have never heard of this had no clue what I was getting into but for the price figured what the hell I'm in. Was it a good thing or a bad thing well... 

Read on to find out.
At the low price of 50 cents on this DVD, I would say it is well worth it. In fact, if I would have picked this up at a convention I still would not be to upset. Sure it's a fan movie but the production value is very high, The makeup is mind blowing as Jason looks like Jason not some guy in a mask off the clearance rack after Halloween. The acting well it is ok as well and you can tell they are friends as this shows up on screen. The music well its a rip from the movies themselves so it works just fine.

The battle between the two behemoths is done very well and is believable the whole time. The script makes sense all though my one complaint would be the continuity that is so bad during the one scene in the beginning. But once I got past that all was good. It is a fun 20 minutes that holds your attention. 

I love this guy Drakkar hat and cigaret at the gas pump!
The DVD is packed with a few extras one being a Freddy goes back to hell kind of thing. He faces all the heavyweights like Leatherface, Pinhead, and of course Jason and Micheal. You also get a poem that is nicely shot and a music video. 

Once you get past its low budget you get a nice little treat that is Friday the 31st.

2 Bloody Brains out of 5
While looking for information on this movie I came across the whole flick on Vimeo so here you go


  1. I've never seen any of these movies because my parents wouldn't let me when I was young and now I feel like they might be too cheesy... Maybe I'll give them a try!

    I just wanted to let you know that the Horror Reading Challenge second quarter update & giveaway has been posted! I hope you'll come by and say hi!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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