Pick Ups for the week of June 8-14th.

Kind of a slow week this week. We really had no intention of hunting, but we were within a jump of the thrift shop so we ran in fast. Nothing too exciting they were running a 5 for a dollar on VHS tapes, but they only had one that I have never seen before. I just might venture out during the fathers day weekend for the big garage sale but not 100% on that yet. Click here for more information on the Route 34 Sales. I will never do the full 100 plus miles but still we hit a few of the bigger towns and that is more than enough for me.

First up this week a little mailbag. This month Delirium magazine came in. Outside of the Howling, it was kind of weak not there best effort but never the less still one of the better zins out there.

 My youngest found these and was pretty excited to show me so yeah I had to pick them up. Why not you can not go wrong with Godzilla!

We were about to leave when we spotted a few games off to the side in a new location. Both were only a dollar so not to shabby. Spider-man is valued at ten bucks and Namco around seven.

We went in for the VHS sale but only found this one. Never heard of it but it looks pretty good. It is newer from 1999 and looks to be a Sci-Fi movie. It was 50 cents and is valued at only four bucks.

I'm not a fan of buying these happy meal toys when a spend more of my time tossing them then putting them away. But the happy meal was a transformer for ten cents as well as the Coke top. It made the girls happy and it let bought me some time to check out the video tapes.

Thanks for checking out our pickups this week.


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