Great week for Pick ups!

Ok, gang, it was a great week for pickups. This week we had a few town-wide sales and the two big book sales of the year. Those said book sales are always good for some rare VHS tapes but not so much this year. In fact, the one book sale with the town-wide Garage Sale is where we start.

They had nothing and I mean nothing at this book sale. They usually have the books in some type of order like Horror, Romance etc nope not this year. My wife who collects and reads all the books has been disappointed the past few years and deiced to skip this year. I did pick up The Screaming Skull only because I like the cover art that has nothing to do with the movie itself. The girls found a book or two and that was it. In fact, that was all there was after stopping at a few sales. We did pick up on CD it was for Monsters University, but it was not the soundtrack it was music based on or something like that.

So we came back to town and hit a few local sales. I did pick up Saw 2 and Super Troopers for a buck each. I may never watch Saw 2 as I'm not a fan at all but for a buck, it can sit on my shelf. We did pick up a  score for my wife  NSYNC board game for twenty-five cents. Hell Yeah Back Stage Pass will be played soon for family game night! It was missing the pass, but that is ok my wife owns one that she will never open so she was pretty happy with us.

Lilly pads are our local thrift shop in town and had some super great pick up's there. First up, Darkman Trilogy which I own already but not in a single pack like this thought it was pretty cool but might become trade bait. Never heard of Lil Creepers but with tiles of Trick Or Tricks and Bela's Bash you can't help but pick it up to watch during the Halloween season.

 I picked up this Transformers Set only because they were only a dollar. They are both 2 disk sets that have a good amount of people looking for it on Swap a DVD. So it started as trade bait until I looked up the value of these and could not believe that they were fetching up to 40 bucks on eBay! Now I do not sell on eBay I just have not had much luck but I just might put these up on there first. If they do not sell I will post them to trade.

Last pick up for this store was the XBOX 360 Cabela's Outdoor Adventures. Looked pretty good and all though not complete the disk is spotless and values at $12 so not bad for one dollar. 

I did get one movie this week from and it was The Lost. I want to check this out mainly for Robin Sydney and Erin Brown. I was wondering how Sydney does once she is out of the Full Moon Camp. She is an actress that is so/so to me here is hoping she does better.

Last up was the book sale on Sunday. It supports the animal shelter and you have to get there early! People line up an hour before it opens that is how big this is. But we slept in today we don't really need anything so we felt no rush to get there. And we still did just fine. No movies or VHS for me this year but I did score two Playstation Two games for a dollar a piece so that it not bad.

They are complete with slight scratches but who can go wrong with the price. We are not into Wrestling at all, but we will give this a shot. And we have no clue what Just Cause is but again why not. Until I got home and read the M label so I better check it out before letting the girls play. I did pick up a pretty cool (to me) book not sure if I will read it but could not pass it up.

It has seen better days, but I like it! I fit in the Cave just fine all in all it was a good week. All we have left though is the Route 34 miles of miles of garage sales next weekend and I'm pretty sure we will only hit some of it. 

Crazy that I spent under $10 bucks!


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