Some call it hoarding some call it hunting we just call it fun!

It's fathers day weekend and you know what that means! Baseball, cookouts, and 120 miles of Garage Sale fun. Well for me that is. We look forward to this event every year, but it is pretty hard to cover 120 miles in just a few hours of a Saturday so we just pick a direction (we live 15 miles South of the middle of the sale) this year we went West. We really only intended to do Princeton and Wynette this year, but we tossed in Dover and one here in our backyard. Next year we will head back east. When Ella and I first did the trip a few years back we made it pretty far to the west but now it goes even longer than before. But we still found quite a few treasures.

My youngest is not much of a fan rummaging through other people's junk but she goes to make her dad happy and she does have some fun even if she sits in the car for a few stops listing to her music while my oldest and I pick through it all. But this year Lainey found this bunny and that is all she could talk about. For some odd reason, she is all about the rabbits in the yard and wants one for a pet so badly. So when she saw this for 20 bucks she really wanted it. Then she realized how bad it smelled and yay me and mom she did not want it at all. But for somebody, you got the cage and the bunny for 20 bucks not sure if this is a good price but it did seem fair to me.

One of the reasons for hitting Princeton is the fairground. They always have 30 plus vendors all in one spot making it so convenient to stop in one place and shop. Right, off the bat I found a super nice lady selling DVD's. Being I was with two younger girls, she seemed concerned about what I was about to look at. She had two small boxes of Horror DVD's and she wanted to make sure I knew there was nothing Kid related in the box. I was like "Oh Yeah you are singing my tune!" she was a little shocked, but the girls let her know that is what I collect and have over 700 of them collect dust. So I found a few and the lady made me a nice deal I walked away with 10 movies from her the first time around and then went back and wiped her out picking up 10 more. She was so sweet and really enjoyed talking to the girls and I. I truly hope they had a fantastic sellers weekend they had a lot of cool stuff. But as soon as we made our way inside the girls found a few nicely priced Bitty Baby toys and some odd-looking tower for little people. At this stop for less than 20 minutes and already loading the car up. Found a few more DVD's inside and a 360 game for only a dollar which was crazy when there was another guy selling his for 4 dollars and they looked wet and all scratched to hell so when I offered to buy one for 2 bucks he kind of laughed at me. Well ok, then I do not need your crap anyway.

So on to the next little town where we came across a very nice looking Critters VHS for a quarter that had me pretty excited it was one that had all of the flaps still intact. Also found 3 of these Nsync bears for the wife she only had one so now we are only short one. And I did pick up all 3 for 2 dollars.

We were a little shocked at the lack of video games at any of the sales with us finding only one. We did spot a few Sega Master games complete in the box that maybe I should have picked up just to trade to another collector's so feeling a little bummed about that. We were really hoping to find a few Xbox controllers we only have one so we can not really play and two player games. We came up dry with that but did get a few extension cables for the PlayStation 2 that were never opened and the cool find was a Game Boy Color that worked but was missing the back for only 50 cents! Now if we could just find a game for it, we will be doing good. I think that was our favorite find of the day.

Garage Sale Finds

And that was it we did pick up some odd's and end's plus sampled some local food but it was noon getting hot and the little one was ready to be done. I'm pretty sure Ella and I could do hours more, but we did have things to do.
On the way back home a few blocks from us was a sale so we stopped and probably picked up the best finds of the day! We picked up two PlayStation 2 games at two bucks each one being Chaos Legion and the other Fatal Frame 2 (Kick ASS)!! She had a few more, but I do like to stick to my budget and walked away pretty happy with those finds. Ella and her friends are really into these jump scare games and Fatal Frame is perfect! And both games are in mint condition. They hardly look touched which will put Fatal Frame's value at 75 dollars or more! 

I did also pick up a few comics's and the girls did get a few other items all in all More on 34 was a fun and very successful day. Next year we will plan a little better and save up a little more to head out once again. 

So, all in all, I picked up 35 movies for around 25 dollars 2 comic books and 3 video games. Not to mention the Game Boy Color and the few toys the girls found. Stayed way under budget leaving me a few more dollars for the book sale later this week. I think this week I'm going to break down a make a pickup video for the Movie's that many of you are asking for so why not give it a shot. This week is going to be busy for us as we plan our garage sale with 8 other families in this small little yard I call home.

If you would like to know more about the sale here are a few links for you.

Our More on 34 videos (that my phone made for us it's kind of neat.)


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