World War 2 Has Just Gotten Smaller!

Puppet Master 3
1992 | Color | 86 Minutes | 1.85:1 | R | Horror | 5.1 Dolby | Full Moon

Source: BluRay

Director: David DeCoteau

Writers: C. Courtney Joyner

Guy Rolfe
Richard Lynch
Ian Abercrombie

Set in Berlin during WWII, the Nazi regime is attempting to develop a drug that will animate the dead, in order to use in the war effort. Toulon arouses suspicion as a Nazi dissident, and his secret is discovered. During a Nazi raid on his home, Toulon's beautiful wife is murdered. Toulon vows revenge, with the help of his animated puppets. This movie gives a new perspective on Toulon and his "friends".

Toulon's Revenge was a nice little Prequal to fill in the back story for Puppet Master. Any movie that has Nazi's blowing up is a good movie for me.  PM3 looks great with this 1080p BluRay transfer. This is defiantly the way to own this movie. After watching this followed by part 4 on a DVD, I can not wait for the rest to go Blu! The set pieces look perfect even if there are only a few locations. It is pretty cool to note that the external shots of Nazi Germany was meant to be filmed in Romania, but the idea was nixed when the Romanian government was unstable at the time production started. The second choice was Hungary, but the weather wasn't good during winter. So the filming ended up being shot at the Universal back lot for 3 to 4 days.

We also get Six Shooter for the fist time. He was chosen to look like a cowboy after it was decided that one of Toulon's puppets should represent the opposition towards the Third Reich. Mark Rappaport and his team are also back to bring the puppets to life. The puppets look good in this movie you can tell the by the third time they were really getting this concept. 

Nothing to crazy when it comes to the soundtrack Richard Band was back to bring the movie to life. As always it is a brilliant score that pace's the movie through its hour and twenty minutes. Nothing much to not like about PM3 it was quite enjoyable. The location's look good the puppets move better than ever and Bands score is on cue! You get the back story to the puppets including Blade himself. If you have not seen the Puppet Master movies yet it's almost a good idea to start with this one.

It is not perfect, but it sure is a fun ride!

4 Bloody Brains out of 5


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