The Man Cave Turns 6!

Holy cats the Man Cave turns 6 years old today. I never in a million years would have thought it would last this long.

Crazy that I still like doing this. And man has the blog changed over the years. I started this as a way to escape the pain of life and my daughters diagnosis of being a type one diabetic. As my viewer base grew I changed with it. When I stumbled upon the countdown to Halloween the Man Cave really took root.

I quickly realized that I was not alone in a geek world and people enjoyed reading what I had to say as much as I enjoyed reading others. I thank you all for stopping by! It's been a wild a crazy ride that I feel I can do for a few more years yet.


  1. I always enjoy what you have to say good Sir... and a Great Blog-Anniversary.....

  2. Congrats! AEIOU's 4th year is coming up soon too. Crazy!


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