The Sweet of Trick or Treat

Halloween Count Down Day 2, My Favorite Candy as a kid.

Oh how I miss you
Oh, how I long for you Summit Bar. Its funny every time I bring this candy bar up nobody seems to remember it. This sweet treat was the only thing I would eat. The tiny peanuts over a wafer covered in chocolate. I believe these were trying to compete with the new Twix. Summit was bundled as 2 bars. *sigh* So today I'm going to give you my top 5 Trick or Treats. The big Five that  I would  hope to find in my big orange pumpkin that one night of the year.

5.) Orange Kit Kat
4.) Milky Way
3.) Chunky
2.) Almond Joy

1.) Trading cards! Yep, there were a few years that Topps put out packs of cards for family's to hand out. They would range from Movies to TV. On year, somebody handed out Basketball Cards. I still have some of them floating around. This was a great treat I wish they still did thinks like this.


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