Music Monday Halloween Thrill's

Halloween Big Screen Thrillers
  • Release Date 6/29/1999
  • Label: Turn up the music
Nothing beats second-hand stores when it comes to cheap Halloween thrills. And boy was this CD cheap. I managed to pick this up for only 25 cents. Now when it comes to cheap party mix Cd's they are going to easily be hit or miss. The songs on this CD were done by artist unknown and published by DJ's Choice. They claim to survey the top DJ's in America to bring you the biggest hits. Let us dive into those hits shall we?

Track listing:
The X-Files Theme
Exorcist Theme
The Shining
Jaws Theme
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th

I did not own Scream or the Shining yet so they were the reason to buy this CD. They would be welcomed additions to Halloween mix. So how do they sound? Well, very computer sound drove not orchestral or anything remotely close to its real life counterpart. Here are a few samples for your enjoyment.

Jaws Theme

Overall the CD would make a good compilation for your CD collection and Halloween Party Mix. And for a quarter, I can safely jump for joy. I give it,

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


  1. Ha not a bad compilation for a quarter. ;-) I think I have one of these types of albums with tracks done by unknown folk doing famous themes.

  2. Lol most thing's that are a quarter are not to bad. I have a few of these cd's. I will be posting one again next Monday.


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