Halloween Count Down Day 16 The Walking Dead

This past summer I was lucky enough to meet a few members of the cast for the hit show "The Walking Dead". So today in honor of Season Two starting tonight I thought I would post a few of the pictures and the Question and Answer Panel from Flashback Weekend in Chicago, IL.

Q & A
Rooker was down right funny

Photo Opp Area 
Steven Yeun (Glenn)

Out of all the guys Michael Rooker was super funny and great to talk to but the one guy that was really cool was Steve. You can really tell he was thankful for the chance to be there with the fans. Andrew Rothenberg was not so cool in fact he just sat there like he did not care. And the next day we met a few more at Wizard World Comic Con. 

Just a few Zombie's Walking around.

Zombie Pin-Ups

Wayne Zombie
Sorry but YouTube and Blogger say my Video is too long so I will Try and post it later after work.
For now here is the same Q&A just edited down.


  1. This is so stinkin' awesome! Great post! Thanks for sharing!


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