Weed Weed Wicked Weed!

Evil Bong
Rated: R
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Release Date:  October 31,2006

Starring: David Weidoff, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd, Robin Sydney, Kristyn Green, Tommy Chong, and Michelle Mais as the Evil Bong Eebee.

Director: Charles Band (Puppet Master, Dolls)

Writer: August White (Ginger Dead Man, Haunted Casino)

DVD Extras: Making of featurette, 2005 Roadshow and Full Moon Trailers.

Run Time 86 minutes

 Plot Summary: Meet EEBEE, a vintage bong with the mysterious power to make all your fantasies come true. Hypnotized by EEBEE's seductive feminine appearance, college nerd ALISTAIR McDowell and his stoner roommates take a toke and EEBEE takes them on a wild trip to her Bong World, where they are seduced by exotic strippers with deadly powers. They should have read the fine print: Potheads beware; you might enjoy this trip so much you'll die in ecstasy! As Alistair and his friends look for a way to escape the Bong World before it's too late, their one chance at survival might rest in the hands of JIMBO LEARY (Tommy Chong), Eebee's original owner, here to destroy her for good...

Tommy Chong of the legendary comedy team Cheech and Chong stars in this horror spoof about a water pipe possessed by evil spirits that begin to terrorize some good-natured potheads. A tribute to B-grade horror movies and to pot culture, EVIL BONG is played for absurdity and giggles, while turning horror movie themes and images on their ear.

This is one of those movies that should be part of your Halloween traditions. It is American Pie In Pot Land. And this is a good thing. I really enjoyed the cast they all work very well together.

Larnell and Bachman being the strongest of the cast really pull this buddy movie together. When Larnell is on the screen he can really pull you in. At times, you forget that this is a Charles Band movie you start to feel like it's a Kevin Smith talky.

Robin & Kristyn
Brian Lloyd is the week link in the first of this trilogy and the more seasoned actor. But not weak enough to spoil the movie the only reason I bring him up this way is the real weak part of the movie is when Bret brings home the hot cheerleaders Luann (Robin Sydney) and Janet (Kristyn Green). Both will be key players later in the movie but the way Luann broke into the scene I was annoyed. She played such a brat. Robin was wonderful in Ginger Dead Man and in person she is so sweet to talk to but for some reason, in the Bong Trilogy, she is downright annoying. I would rather have seen her play it straight and stick to the cute little girl from the small town. I wish we would see more of Green for she is stunning in this movie.

Heaven or Hell?
So soon the Haunted Bong shows up and the party gets started. The idea of the bong dragging you into its realm is not bad. Is it heaven or hell? Was that the Gingerdead man? This is a new twist on the Freddy Kruger movie.

Once in the bong, it's a fun trip with cameo's monster bra's and strippers. What is not to love about this. The acting stays tight the one-liners still zing and the nerd gets to be the hero. Finally, Tommy Chong comes in and saves the day with a not so epic battle but fun none the less.

This is a fun party movie when you're sitting around with your buddy's. The movie is 6 years old now and it still holds up today. Charles will pump these bad boys out forever because fanboys like me will keep checking them out. The real good news about this movies age is the Mill's Creek has put out 2 different sets both can be found for $5.00  in many dump bins at the big box stores. The best pick up would be Bong 1 & 2 for five dollars a true steal. And if that does not sell you pick up the 8 pack that is out there for the same price you get Evil Bong, MERIDIAN, Decadent Evil and Demonic Toys 4 real good Full Moon Features. Plus 4 Asylum movies that I have yet to see. You do get Prom Night on this set as well.

And let's talk about the soundtrack for just a moment. Once you get a few of these songs in your head it's tough to shake.So make Evil Bong part of your Halloween watch list this year.

4 Bloody Brains out of 5

Part of the Halloween Count Down 2011 Day 5


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