Halloween Count Down Day 23. Horror on the Iphone

It's time to trick out your iPhone  for Halloween. First head over to Sideshow Cinema and download the Halloween Lock Screens. Then in the app store, you  will find some pretty cool Halloween downloads. Would I highly recommend Scene It? Horror 2. This is a fun little trivia app. Some of the questions are hard but for the most part, you will be looking to download the add-ons after a few plays.  

Good Clean graphics 

This was the hardest part.

A few of the side games were kind of hard to play. It took me a few tries to break the fence but after you get the hang of it, it is not to bad.
One of the downfalls would be that you wish you did not have to beat the clock and watch the movie clips.

I really like the 8-bit clips but I knew the answer to fast. But it is worth going back and watching them after you have your high score.

 You do get to unlock cards and with this version comes Party Play and the option to by more trivia.  If you like horror movies and trivia this is a win-win for everyone.

Next, I downloaded Zombie Clock. I'm not sure this is a necessary app for most people but its fun. The graphics are crisp. The downfall for this app it more like a screensaver than anything.

Splash Screen
Clean looking graphics

Both apps are fun and worth the download don't skip Scene it! it is well worth it. Zombie Clock is nice but not for everybody.

I would give them both

4 bloody brains out of 5


  1. Thanks for the message my good man! You've been killing it with Halloween posts. I can't keep up! ha ha Good stuff.

  2. thanks its getting hard to keep up. They switched my work schedule to midnight's. Sure hope I can finish off the week.


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