Music Monday for Halloween "Fright Night"

Halloween Fright Night

Artist: The 101 Strings Orchestra
Label: Madacy Special Products
Release Date: 8/05/2008

I can not lie the cover art on this CD called me over! Look at it, its pretty cool for a cheap knock off quick sell through CD! And I comes with a movie more on that soon. On like last weeks CD this one has a much higher production level. The songs feel more at home with a big orchestra behind them. John Carpenters Halloween somewhat feels out of place with string's but does not fall short and still creeps you out. This compilation has a bunch of song's that I needed for my collection starting with Wolf. Sure the movie is not that great but this track is by far one of the strongest and rarely used on Cds like this.

Hellraiser Resurrection Waltz

I also did not own Frankenstein and the Shadow both are very strong and convincing. They will really make for great songs for a Halloween Mix. They end this CD with 4 Psycho songs. All of them sound strong. Take a listen.

Psycho: The City

Psycho: The Murder


Halloween Fright Night [Incl. DVD: Night of the Living Dead]

This is a set as a mentioned before coming packed with a DVD as well. The Night of The Living Dead is one of my all time favorite movies and of course one of the more famous public domain films. This is a Full-Screen presentation and just a grainy as any other free copy out there. So I will not go into it that much. It does help top off a good CD compilation.

Believe it or not, I picked this out for 25 cents as well. A huge steal. The cheapest I have seen on the web was $7.99 and as high as $11.99. I would have spent a few more dollars on this and would have been happy. At 12 bucks I'm not sure it's that good. Enjoy some samples and if you see this at your thrift shop I say GRAB IT!

4 Bloody Brains Out of 5


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